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June 13th

Membership Meeting
1900 hrs. @ Fire Station 32.

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Attention Retirees

Have you let your Membership with the Montgomery County Career Firefighters Association IAFF Local 1664, lapse?

Do you want to be reinstated?

It is a very easy process.

You would need to fill out a membership application

The reinstatement fee with the International is $10.00

The yearly dues for retirees is $80.00

Email RetireeLiaison@iafflocal1664.org with your request for reinstatement and your mailing address.

Upon receipt of your request a membership application and letter restating this information will be mailed to you with a self addressed stamped envelope to send your application and fee back to the Local.

Your application will be acted upon the first membership meeting after receipt of your application and funds and you will be reinstated into our great local.

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Thursday, February 16th: 2nd VP Brennan, 4th District Rep Kostura, Committee Chair Wallace, and members of FS8/A Shift were on hand to present a check for the proceeds of the Breast Cancer Awareness Shirts to the Red Devils - an organization that supports local residents battling breast cancer. Thank you to everyone who supported this great cause!

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National MDA Ambassador Reagan Inhoff visits Station 6

Please fill our boots to fight Neuromuscular Diseases.

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